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[X]VIN - for the vehicle is like social security number for us. This is a unique 17-digit number created according to fixed standards. Check any car in autodna database VIN numbers, thanks to it you will get knowledge if this car was not stolen, was not an accident, defects, repairs, You will check factory equipment.
[X]Report autoDNA allows you to accurately check the data and the history of a used car you want to buy. Enough to know vehicle history reports is VIN number and have a little money which enable You. If that car was not stolen or whether it was involved in a serious accident.

The VIN number is placed on elements permanently connected to the vehicle body (chassis). It is usually placed outside the vehicle on the driver’s side on the dashboard close to the windshield, in other places which is mostly dependent on manufacturer, in service book and other documents: insurance or registration. Information about VIN location you can also obtain from online forums of enthusiasts of particular model or make, the Authorized Service Station (ASO) and Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MOT)